Instagram Content Strategy

This might be hurting your career more than you think
Hey Fam,
Do you ever wonder how certain artists have so many fans and followers on Instagram? πŸ€”
As you can imagine, I meet artists ALL THE TIME.
And one of the first places I go to learn more about them is their INSTAGRAM. 
"A recording artist's resumΓ© is their Instagram profile."
If their IG is looking good, then I know 2 things:
 πŸ™Œ  They take their music career seriously
 πŸ™Œ  I would collaborate with them and get quality content
😀I can't stress this enough:
As a recording artist, your Instagram profile is your resume! ‼️
When you meet someone new...
The chances are, you're going to find each other on Instagram. πŸ“²
That is someone's first perception of you.
You gotta make sure that your IG page is popping! 
If your profile is UNPROFESSIONAL, they probably will NOT click that SoundCloud link in your bio. πŸ˜‚
IF your profile looks clean, THEN that person will think:
"This person looks kinda dope, huh, they do music? Let me peep real quick." πŸ‘€
πŸ‘‰ Here's a crucial tip:
Get ideas from Instagram pages of your favorite artists and brands!
Pay close attention to:
πŸ”‘ The types of posts
πŸ”‘ How they look
πŸ”‘ What they're trying to accomplish
πŸ† Model your look after success!! πŸ†
Now, I'm not saying you should buy a bunch of fake jewelry and fake stunt. πŸ˜‚
πŸ’ͺYou SHOULD stay true and BE CONSCIOUS of how you portray yourself.
...It's the "BE CONSCIOUS " part that's important.
Here is a tip that I use for my own Instagram:
1️⃣I try to make MY PAGE as professional as possible with high quality and thought out images.
2️⃣In MY STORIES though, I try show as much day-to-day activities as possible. That way my followers can connect with me on a more personal basis.
Think of your Instagram profile as your professional presentation, and use IG stories as a way for your fans to get to know you!
Here, let me check out your IG.
Follow @legionbeats and send me a DM! 
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