Song Contest Rules

1. You must record an original song using a beat from The Tech N9ne Contest Packs:

a. Tech N9ne Silver Pack (10 beats)

b. Tech N9ne Gold Pack (15 beats)

c. Self-Made Artist Pack (30 beats)

d. Self-Made Artist Pack Deluxe Edition (50 beats)

If you unlocked more than 1 beat pack, you can use any beat from any of the Tech N9ne Contest Packs you unlocked for any of your song submissions.

You may use multiple beats in 1 track - get creative.  

2Entries should be no less than 1 minute and no more than 5 minutes long

3No collaborations allowed - one artist per song (note: if the beat you’re recording on came with a hook, you're welcome to keep that hook in your song)

4. All languages are welcome but if the song is not in English, please include a translation.

5You may alter the beats any way you like including additional instrumentation, cutting, editing, mixing or other alterations.

You may need the Trackouts if you want to do these and you can unlock the Trackouts in the Members Area

6. You can add a hook, or just rap straight bars. You may choose any topic you wish. We'll leave all creative decisions up to you. Impress us with your skills!

7. Upload your song to YouTube

  • Use this IMAGE with your song audio to create the video (This can be done quickly and for free at
  • Title the video “Tech N9ne Contest - [Artist Name] - [Song Name]"
  • Put "" or your personal contest Share Link in the caption of the video


    Do  NOT copy strike or submit claims in any form on any platform that will infringe other contestants' Youtube submissions or cause their YouTube submission being taken down.
    Doing so will  disqualify you from the Tech N9ne Song Contest.
    If you have any concerns about a Youtube song submission you believe violates fair play, let us know. 
  • 8. SUBMISSION: Log in to the Members Area and fill out the submission form.

    The submission form will be unlocked together with the qualified beat pack you unlocked. 

    9. You can submit 1 song per beat pack you unlock.

    Silver Pack (15 pts)
    Gold Pack
    Self-Made Artist Pack,
    or the Self-Made Artist Pack Deluxe.

    ( You can submit 1 song for each beat pack you unlock, with a total of 4 possible total song submissions available.)

    10. Submissions will be judged by our expert panel on a) Lyrical Content b) Vocal Delivery, c) Creativity & d) Hit Potential.

    11. Deadline for submissions is March 20, 2022 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be announced via live announcement and email on April 3, 2022.

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