[Bonus] How do I make sure I win the Too Short Song Contest?

While submissions will be judged by our expert panel on

a)  Lyrical Content,
b)  Vocal Delivery
c) Creativity 
d) Hit Potential

....you can increase your chances of getting picked by the judges by submitting more than 1 song.

In the video, we talked about the 2 ways of qualifying for the Tech N9ne Song Contest.

1. Get the Gold Pack
2. Earn 15 points and unlock the Silver Pack

If you do both, you can submit 2 songs. 

Now... There are 2 more ways to submit 2 more songs. 

If you grab the Gold Pack, you'll find 2 more beat packs called Hustle Hard, Play Hard Pack and Hustle Hard, Play Hard Pack Deluxe.

Each of these Beat Packs will give you 1 more entry to submit 1 more song. 

In summary:

  • Gold Pack 👉 1 song entry
  • Silver Pack (15 points) 👉 1 song entry
  • Hustle Hard, Play Hard Pack 👉 1 song entry
  • Hustle Hard, Play Hard Pack Deluxe 👉 1 song entry

Get all of these and you get to submit 4 songs in total! 

If you haven't yet, you can grab the  Too Short Gold Pack HERE.

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