How do the features from all the artists work?

We're bringing a new concept to the market that almost nobody else knows about - it's called non-exclusive features.

Non-exclusive features are similar to non-exclusive beats.

You will receive a signed license from us and from the featured artist allowing you to use the features on your own songs.

Beat leases became popular because getting the

Before beat leases became popular, artists or labels only had the option to buy the exclusive rights to a beat - which is too expensive and mostly only labels could afford.

We've charged as high as $5,000 for an exclusive beat.

Beat leases became popular because this gave independent artists access to the same High-Quality beats that only labels used to enjoy for as low as $50.

Now, we're changing the industry once again by introducing non-exclusive features

Non-exclusive features work the same way as a beat lease. For example, instead of paying Rick Ross $80,000 for an exclusive feature, you can get a non-exclusive feature for less than a couple hundred bucks 😲

This is a new concept that Anno Domini & Legion Beats have introduced. Most people don't even know about it yet, and the few that do so far don't have the relationships or resources 💰 that we do to be able to connect you with big artists.

If you're interested, head over to and grab a copy before we sell out!

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