Why would I want the same verse someone else has? (Non-Exclusive Features)

What we're doing here is basically bringing a new concept to the market that almost nobody else knows about - it's called non-exclusive features.

The easiest way to understand it is to compare them to beat leases AKA non-exclusive beat licenses.

Before beat leases became popular, artists or labels only had the option to buy the exclusive rights to a beat. We've charged as much as $5K for a beat which is fine for a label, but not as good for an independent artist coming up.

Beat leases started catching on because it was a win-win for producers and artists. Artists get the legal right to sell, perform and distribute their songs for only $50 instead of the $5K it might cost for the exclusive rights. And producers like it because we aren't limited to only one artist for a beat. So that's why there's a huge market for beat leases.

Non-exclusive features work the same way as a beat lease. Instead of paying Rick Ross $80,000 for an exclusive feature, you can get a non-exclusive feature for less than a couple hundred bucks 😲

This is a new concept that Anno Domini & Legion Beats have introduced. Most people don't even know about it yet, and the few that do so far don't have the relationships or resources 💰 that we do to be able to connect you with big artists.

If you're interested, head over to legionbeats.com/icons and grab a copy before we sell out!

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