How much does 'Industry Icons 3' cost?

The price of Icons 3 will be HALF OFF only for artists on our Early-Access List, who get their copy within the first 24 hours.

There's over 💲171,000 worth of content inside Icons 3, so the value of this Pack is insane!

If you bought a feature for your album from Rick Ross alone, it would cost you in the region of 💲80,000.

But obviously we're not going to charge you anywhere near that. We already ate that cost and then some on our end.

'Industry Icons 3' will be available for only... 197 bucks.

But, if you're on the early access list and get your copy on Friday, it'll be just 💲97

That's HALF OFF the public price, but only on Friday. After that, if there are copies left, it'll be at the public price of 💲197

(Of course even at the public price it's a steal)

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