How do I go about releasing my songs with the beats and features?

You will definitely be able to release your songs and profit from them 💰, but there are two important things to bare in mind:

Digital Distributors

A digital distributor can take your song and release it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and hundreds of other platforms. A few examples are Distrokid, Tunecore, and Revel Distro

Firstly, all distribution platforms have their own rules about what they will or won't accept, and often that just comes down to the whims of the individual support agent tasked with releasing your music.

Of course we cannot guarantee you that every single distribution platform out there will for sure release your music.

If you think about it, an independent artist with little track record in the industry, suddenly collaborating with a massive major artist, that could be suspicious.

However, you will have a legal contract that you can show the platforms, and as long as you correctly label your song (with the major artist as the FEATURED artist, not the main artist) you will mostly be fine.

So you can release it with whatever distributor you like, but some of them will make you jump through hoops to be able to post a feature from a well-known artist.

We've had a distributor request that Rick Ross take a selfie holding his passport then DM them from his Twitter, which is just not gonna happen.

We have an established working relationship with the distribution company Revel Distro, so that's a safe bet if it's a feature you got from us or one of the producers we work with often.

Content ID (especially YouTube)

Secondly, you may get automated copyright matches when you upload your music on sites like YouTube.

This is just the way their content algorithm works, it is NOT the same as a copyright strike where your song is taken down or your channel locked.

It just means you temporarily cannot monetize your video with advertising.

However, you will be able to click the "Dispute" button on any copyright matches you receive, select the option that you have a valid license for the beats and features, and if necessary upload your contract.

Your claims will then be cleared and you're good to go!

Simple, right?

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