How To Distribute Your Song

We thought it would be helpful to put together a quick distribution guide for you,

Now that you have your beats and Icons 3 features, I want to make sure you get the most out of them.

So first of all, you have a legal license agreement (the pdf you can download from your Member's Area) to use the beats and artist features commercially.

That means you can make money with the songs you create through digital & physical sales, streaming, radio, live performance and so on. 

The exact terms depend on the package you bought but are written inside your license.

It's important that you print, sign and keep the pdf licenses for your own records, as a distributor or label may need to see them in the future. 

When it comes to distributing your song for sales & streaming to popular sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Music and so on, our exclusive distribution partner is 👉 Revel Distro

This is my favorite distribution platform as it is very low cost (15 bucks for a full year).

They're also very reasonable about uploading songs with major artist features, which other platforms can be sometimes be difficult about.

We know the CEO personally, and the company is aware of what we do with these Artist Feature packs, so you will not have any issues distributing your songs here.


1) While you can upload your content to Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and so on, you cannot enter into a blanket "ContentID" type audio fingerprinting monetization agreement.

The reason is because that requires you to own exclusive rights ownership of the beats and artist feature vocals.

It would start claiming EVERY artist's uploaded content using these beats or features, which is obviously illegal to do since you don't own their content.

That would be a sure-fire way to get permanently banned from those platforms, so make sure you do not select a ContentID option with your distributor if asked (there may be a check box or upgrade option during the distribution process).

2) When uploading your track with the major artist features, make sure you register it as a "Featured Artist" and notas a "Collaborator" or as the "Main Artist".

That's a sure-fire way to have your content removed and get blacklisted from distribution platforms, and I definitely don't want that for you.

3) Do not spam, tag and dm the crap out of the artists' whose features you bought.

That's a sure fire way for them to get annoyed at you, and probably at us, and not want to make these kind of opportunities available to the independent artist community in the future.

So yes, you can use their name and likeness to promote your content, but be cool about it. Don't act like an amateur. 

Aside from those three things you're good to go!

Start making some amazing music, distribute it online, and get paid for your work.

We hope you crush it 💪

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