Where is the Untagged Version of My Beat?

Here's the breakdown of why you may be hearing one or multiple tags in your beat:

No License

If you ripped a beat off youtube, or downloaded the demo from legionbeats.com, you don't own a license for that beat. You'll hear tags throughout the entire beat, including "legionbeats.com," "make your purchase today," etc.

Basic & Premium Licenses

Basic and Premium Licenses come with one tag in the intro. Having one tag in the intro is extremely common in popular music and you'll hear this in many of the songs topping the charts today. Still, we know not everyone likes this, which is why we offer Professional, Unlimited and Exclusive Licenses.

Professional, Unlimited & Exclusive Licenses

Our Professional, Unlimited and Exclusive licenses come with the option to remove all tags from the beat. In fact, since both of these licenses come with the tracked-out stems, you can customize the beat in any way that you'd like. *** If you did purchase a professional, unlimited or exclusive license, you'll find the completely untagged version in the zip folder which also contains the tracked-out stems.

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