Where Do Inner Circle Members Find The Untagged Version of a Beat?

As an Inner Circle member, you get free non-exclusive licenses to all of our new beats, a month before they're even available for sale to the public.

If you're a Gold or Platinum Level Member, you get Professional Licenses which include the tracked-out wav files to the beats and the completely untagged version of the beat.

Starter Level Members get Basic Licenses, which include a high quality MP3 download of the beat with one tag in the intro.


The previews to listen to the beats will have tags throughout the whole beat

The MP3 Download will contain one tag in the intro

***To access the completely untagged version of the beat, download the trackouts folder. The untagged version of the beat will be inside of that folder and will be marked with (NT) for No Tag

Here's how to access the beats:

  1. Sign in to the member's area at legionbeats.com/login
  2. Click "Unreleased Beats" to go that section of the member's area
  3. Click "Unreleased Beats" to go that section of the member's area
  4. To download the MP3, click the "Download MP3" button directly below the beat you'd like to download.

  5. To download the trackouts, click the "Download Trackouts" button
  6. The MP3 download will have one tag in the intro. If you'd like the completely untagged version, you'll find that inside of the trackouts folder. Here's how to do that:
    1. Download the trackouts folder. It is a zip folder and will be a pretty large file, so you'll most likely need to download this on a computer and not a phone.
    2. "Unzip" the folder by double clicking on it once it's downloaded
    3. Look inside the folder for file that ends with (NT) - this is the version with no tags 🙌

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