How do I win the Studio Takeover Contest? ✈

1. Enter the contest at
2. Check your phone for SMS verification
3. Check your email for confirmation
4. Start racking up points by getting other artists to join the contest via your share link. 
     You will get your personal share link as soon as you enter the contest.
5. Earn the most points to win the Studio Takeover Contest. 🏆

Easy, right?


  • Be sure to enter your phone number!
    a. Your entry will not be valid until you verify your entry via SMS and email.
    b. Check your phone for SMS after 12 seconds.
  • Don't cheat.  We will find out and you will be disqualified. 
    a. Do not be on the same wifi as with your referrals/referrer.
         This is one of the ways our AI system flags suspicious referrals. 

    b. We reserve the rights to disqualify/cancel an entry, or deduct points out of suspicious/fraudulent or anomalous entries. 
         Anomalous entries may be due to system bugs, unauthorized human intervention, etc..

  • Only refer rappers/singers.
    a. Do not refer your grandma unless she's a rapper herself.
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